Every Tuesday Evening in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen for Beginners and Advanced
6.30 - 7.45pm & 8.00 - 9.15pm

Iyengar Yoga Classes (Engl./ German) in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, Schifferstr. 42 (rear building Mainkrokodile). At most I'll have 6 students - that is a real luxury!!! I'll show all asanas and explain them. For the class the best to wear is a short and a t-shirt - something that is stretchable. Bring your own yoga-mat. All other props, like belts, blocks, shoulderpads and blankets will be available there.
Each 75 min. class - Sinlge Ticket: 15€ | 3's-Ticket: 42€ | 10's-Ticket: 135€
(10 % disount for MainkrokodileEmployees)
With registration only: Gudrun Ranftl , tel. or textmessage +49 (0) 1717869732; mail: yoga-teacher(at)

F.y.i.: No Yoga Classes on the 11th and the 18th of February, 2014


Iyengar Yoga Classes (Hatha)
Strengthen your body and get fit.
Free it from malpositions,
Relax after work,
Release restraints.
Create an exterior balance through inner composure
Bake your body in the   F i r e   o f   Y o g a .

Since 1995 Iyengar Yoga has been a steady component in my life. After the three years of Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training with Senior Teachers Clé Souren's (direct student of B.K.S. Iyengar), Delilah King and Rembert Petrus in Amsterdam, I offer Workshops in Europe and USA. (Certificate I - Nov. 2012; Certificate II -June 2013). Iyengar Yoga is a stile of Hatha. The combination of yoga postures (Asanas), special breathing technics (Pranayamas) and a relaxing posture at the end of each class provides the balance between body and soul.

Why Hatha Yoga in the style of B.K.S. Iyengar? Certified Iyengar-Yogateacher go through one of the most thorough trainings with a highly demand of quality worldwide. There have been researches, whereas Iyengar-Yoga has been consulted and proofed very good results about the effects of yoga. ...more

What is Yoga? How does Patanjali define it?
(Interpretation by © Gudrun Ranftl 2013)
The word "yoga" derived from the Sanskrit "yui", which means "yoke": Something that holds together, a joint...... Klick here for the entire text

The Difference between Gym and Yoga
(Text by © Gudrun Ranftl 2010)
You go to the gym, because you train for a better shape... ... Klick here for the entire text

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